Establecimiento Don Guillermo SRL

Who we are

We are a forty year old family company. A innovative and always investing company among the Argentinian woodworking companies.

We are located at the heart of the wood production center and with the most vertically integrated production system. Our company manufactures a large variety of wood products with logs from pine plantations of our own and of our partners in the area. We provide products for our customers worldwide.




In 1976, Alfredo, Aldo and Gerardo Gruber started this company with a little sawmill located beside their parents’ house.
The brothers, started working with native wood species, to serve local and national customers.
At the beginning, there was no electricity in the area. However these young men had strong will, so they started working with a diesel-powered saw.
Their energy source was a U25 Fiat-tractor, combined later with a more powerfull Hanomac-tractor.

These first machines were aqquired with the help of their uncle Guillermo Meisser, a pioneer from Switserland. In honor to him, they named the company Establecimiento Don Guillermo SRL.

Along the years, on the same property, the brothers installed a diesel engine and a band saw with a carriage to cut 20 to 25 cm diameter pieces. So did the technological improvement of the company start.





In june 1986, the company moved to the current location, on the Ruta Provincial Nr. 17. The current land of the company is 140.000m2. At this facilities all products for the domestic and international markets are manufactured.

Along the years, the company has grown, working with honesty and a strong commitment with the quality of their products, in order to attend an exigent demand.

These days, Establecimiento Don Guillermo is one of the most important referents at the wood-industries sector in Argentina.

The company, with their founders spirit, has extended the business activities by integrating vertically.
The integration was made by investing in pine plantations and promoting and developing a local construction method of high quality wood homes (similar to what is seen in the USA and Canada but with local materials and adapted to very warm weather).

Also the company has invested in cattle raising and in yerba mate plantations (a local tree scientifically named Ilex Paraguayensis, that is used to make the traditional Argentinian “mate”).


Today, the company has about 14.000 hectares of forest, a share of them, about 7.000, are currently with pine plantations. 2.300 of these 7.000, are managed under a double-purpose system, called in Spanish “sistema silvopastoril”. With this system, the company produces cattle and pine trees on the same piece of land. The other 6.000 hectares maintain their natural status, and help conserving the environment. The last 1.000 hectares are dedicated to agriculture and yerba-mate plantations (Ilex Paraguayensis).



Saw-mills .

Plainers and Moulders.

High-Frecuency (RF) presses.

Dry Kilns.


Wood Optimization Scanner.

CCA impregnation autoclave.

Vacuum primer coat station.